Christchurch Mayor's campaign fund-raising dinner

iFLYTEK New Zealand participated in the fund-raising activities and provided on-site machine coordination and intelligent language translation.

Mr. David Yu, the Director of iFLYTEK New Zealand, was fortunate to have the opportunity to show the iFLYTEK translation machine and other AI products to the current mayor, Ms. Lianne Dalziel, and to explore the cooperation and application opportunities between Chinese enterprises and AI in Christchurch.

Ms. Lianne Dalziel appreciated the iFLYTEK translation machine very much and bought one on the spot!

As New Zealand's most popular female mayor, Lianne Dalziel has been serving the New Zealand government and is a successful career woman.She has worked in Parliament for 23 years, involved in immigration, commerce, food safety and other industries. She has served as a Member of Parliament, New Zealand Trade Minister.

She has visited China many times in her political career and enjoyed her visit in China. She is also welcomed by Chinese immigrants in New Zealand.

After the Christchurch earthquake, she was determined to reunite her hometown and served a six-year term as Mayor of Christchurch during the most difficult post-earthquake reconstruction period. She’s a respected and trusted friend by people in Christchurch.


  • Jul 26, 2019
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