The iFLYTEK Smart Conference System is well supported by iFLYTEK’s proprietary intelligent speech recognition and translator technology to realise fast, accurate and complete recording of conferences; assist meeting staff in organizing meeting minutes; and conduct information retrieval to form an integrated knowledge management system. Historical data is easily traced and queried providing unrivaled convenience for record keepers and conference participants.

Get multilingual and dialect recognition and translation capabilities such as Chinese-English and English-Chinese in real time. Solve communication problems in cross-lingual scenes and help participants to acquire conference information with precision and efficiency.

The system is suitable for but not limited to use by government, corporate, large-scale conference, education, training and media sectors.

Product features

Real time

  • Real-time voice transcription
  • Multilingual translation
  • High speed


  • Local deployment
  • Multiple encryption schemes
  • Highly confidential


  • Latest intelligent speech
  • Recognition/Translation technology
  • High accuracy

Product highlights

  • Real-time voice transcription
  • Real-time speech translation
  • Intelligent semantic segmentation
  • Voice prints separation
  • Underline key points
  • Previous audio transcription
  • Conference information management
  • Hear back and compare words with audio
  • Real-time screen projection
  • Ifilter modal particle
  • Keyword optimization
  • Shield taboo words


Administrative and corporation work meetings

Record with precision, quick output and information management.

Training, teaching, speech

Multilingual recognition and translation, simultaneous large-screen display.


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